Tune in 2022 English 10day-challenge starting with 13th of January, 2022

Tune in 2022 English 10day-challenge starting with 13th of January, 2022

Tune in 2022 English 10day-challenge starting with 13th of January, 2022

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A 10-day digital challenge, in which we participate as a group, can motivate us to be better prepared and more disciplined as we head for the new challenges of 2022.
10 days
2 hours/session
17,8 EURs/session without discount
The discount price is for all phases (I.II.III.) taken at once..
It is possible to commit yourself only to some of the phases of this challenge.
In this case, a separate payment agreement shall be defined via helektrahealing@gmail.com.
Refund is possible only for phases that you have not started yet or in the case of vis major events.
Time framework: each day between 18:00-20:00 CET
I.phase 13. 14. 15. January 2022
II.phase 19.20. 21. 22. January 2022
III.phase 26. 27. 28. January 2022

We always want to be prepared for the future, and it is good to have plans, and to be structured and focused. But, at the same time, it is also good to remember to let the Universe guide us, allowing us to be in the flow without becoming narrow-minded and rigid while aiming to remain on course.

During this upcoming 10-day online challenge, we are going to work on our obstacles and have some ThetaHealing based downloads to support us in setting and achieving our desires in 2022 more effectively.

It is always easier to work in a group, as the presence of others holds us more responsible for staying and remaining focused. Those who are going to attend this event will share similar issues with each other, let them be the shadow or light aspects of them.

This 10-day challenge is going to be different from many others, as we not only go deep with our plans but also tune into our emotions and some of our beliefs that can sabotage the successful implementation of set goals in the short term and, hence, in the long term as well.

The challenge will follow the below structure and is divided into three phases, giving us time to adjust and reflect in between session sequences.


Session 1. We learn how to set specific and reasonable goals.
Session 2. We establish goal-related plan milestones.
Session 3. We delve deeply to determine whether new skills are required to learn at all.
II. Part
Session 4. We define success in order to feel empowered and accomplished.
Session 5. We practice talking about our goals and deciding who to share them with.
Session 6. We learn how to recognize when it is necessary to make corrections.
Session 7. We learn how to allow ourselves to ask for help.
III. Part
Session 8. We learn how to recognize repeating patterns.
Session 9. We define the importance of me-time options.
Session 10. We learn how to balance work and play, putting all the pieces together.
With ThetaHealing downloads, we are going to reinforce all we have learned and understood about ourselves, connecting to universal consciousness and source energy.
This challenge is for those who feel and believe that we are more than 3-dimensional creatures not existing in the human body only...
If you feel the call, register or have your questions via helektrahelaing@gmail.com.
Thank you for your trust and for choosing you.
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