ThetaHealing® 'Digging Reloaded'

ThetaHealing® 'Digging Reloaded'
ThetaHealing® 'Digging Reloaded'
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One-on-one consultation.

In Hungary, both online and in person.
Individual dates can be arranged.

The practices of faith, emotion work, and digging are all important aspects of ThetaHealing® sessions. Knowledge developed on a firm basis facilitates the integration and successful application of later acquired knowledge.


A pupil who is still learning this procedure may feel the need to go over it all again.

Over the course of 3-4 hours, the "Digging Reloaded" session can be a solution in which the main factors and elements worth paying attention to are presented, interpreted, and summarized in extensive detail. 

The overview aids in the systematization and organization of knowledge obtained in the ThetaHealing® Basic Course and relates to digging, faith, and emotion-work, making it easier for the brain to comprehend and integrate this information.

Continuous digging simplifies this understanding into a routine, and our brains start to handle the digging process automatically, making it easier for us to take control of "intuitive internal leadership."

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