Workshops in Cooperation

These workshops are done in collaboration with other great people.

If you are interested in establishing a fruitful cooperation, please indicate it in a text message on +36 30 74 35 497.

Thank you for the trust and inquiry as well!


This notebook introduces a transformational self-awareness method enabling you to explore and experience your inner world-leading you to trust your light, use your innate strengths, and create your unique reality.

This notebook shares two main types of energetic influences: external (i.e. ten planets, north and south nodes), internal (i.e. zodiac signs, seven chakras). The connection between these influences will happen through seven 'Astro-Chakral Guided Audio Meditations'. This is where each of the chakras will be related to the energy of one or more planets which Astro-mythologically share a similar experience (e.g. Planet Venus, Aphrodite: Goddess of Beauty).

How to use the Notebook: Free Live Presentation (multiple online events):

The Book is Available here

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