We live in co-creation, which also means, that we (in a certain way) create our disease(s) for ourselves as well. Its presence is a projection of our own world of emotions and thoughts, or beliefs, and the way we live our life at present. We are responsible for our own condition, and therefore for our own improvement.

Everyone finds a different way to explore his or her inner world on the path of “completeness” (although we are already complete). The number of tools supporting this process is endless, just like that of self-improvement books and courses.

What works for you is the best for you at a given moment.

ThetaHealing® can be described as a meditation process that allows us to access the emotional imprints of our memories hidden in our subconscious. It supports the development of intuitive skills, abilities exerting its effects on physical, mental, emotional, and “soul” levels.

Theta brain waves, measured at 4-7 Hz, are the brain frequencies of the barely conscious states just before sleeping and just after awakening. Theta is the intriguing border between the conscious and the subconscious worlds. The years between the ages of 0 – 7 are our programming years. During these years, children spend most of their time in alpha and theta brainwave cycles, which is the same state that a person is in (theta), when being in hypnosis or meditation.

When in theta brain state we can easier connect to our subconscious, thus ourselves, and also to the Creator of All That is (God, Allah, Buddha, light, unconditional love, (primordial)energy, or call it as it is closer to your heart).

ThetaHealing® is for those who believe that one exists not only as a three-dimensional life experience, but a great, wonderful spiritual living essence of life with powerful abilities to create, manifest and expand through human existence.

The modality of ThetaHealing®, summarizes my previous knowledge, studies, and experiences, opinions about subject-related issues into a coherent unit, combined with a methodology that I consider to be effective, simple, and well-applicable for all on a daily basis.

Perseverance, determination, good humour, just like helping our fellow human beings, or re-connecting to our inner voice, and fully accepting ourselves experiencing a sense of unity, etc., all these are many little "miracles" that ThetaHealing® provides great support to through continuous transformation and change of body, mind, and spirit. It is accessible and apprehendable for all who believe to be more than a three-dimensional creation only in this world.

ThetaHealing® is versatile, and its transforming effect mechanism is primarily based on emotional and belief work. Why is it important? Many prominent minds, including János Selye, an Austrian-Hungarian Canadian chemist, internist, and endocrinologist, have also found that changes in mental factors at the physical (body) level have consequences. "The two basic questions of psychosomatics in case of illnesses and symptoms are: What does my illness deprive me of? And what does it force on me?" ThetaHealing® complements this line of thoughts with the question of "How does this serve me?" as well.


If you have realized how many times you have not been living life according to your true desires, and have been following your logical mind's decisions more than your real feelings, and if you want a change of course, then ThetaHealing® can contribute to the success of such a desire, progress with its powerful structure and complexity.

... ABOUT ME ...


I was born in Hungary in 1974 into a Geek family where everyone (except my mother's Hungarian mother) had moved to Hungary from Greece.

I was an excellent „little drummer” and „pioneer” during the communist era without understanding all the messages and the meanings of that time’s great celebrations, but at the same time, I really loved and could fully connect to the timeless traditional Hungarian folk tales and songs.

The change of regime took place during my secondary school studies after which I entered the College for Foreign Trade (today’s Budapest Business School) and obtained a BS degree in International Communication/PRs, and also an MS on International Relations (BIGIS) at Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration.

I was really lucky to be admitted to College as, by the end of the preparatory year, my final results were slightly just under 75%, the limit necessary to be admitted. But miracles happen, and at the last minute the limit was dropped to some 73,6(?)%, and thus as the second last person on the “waiting list”, I got in.

I am grateful to the current education system of Hungary because, in the meantime, I successfully completed the kindergarten educator course at Eötvös Loránd University almost completely free of charge. I believe that (kindergarten) educators of the future will also need to acquire a much deeper level of self-knowledge and communication tools than those of today, as the emotional and communicational needs of new generations (souls) require a new type of educator for more effective support, guidance, understanding, acceptance in the spirit of love.

I worked for the public administration “from the outside” as an employee of a private consulting company, and also “from the inside” as a project manager for different public administration institutions such as the then Office of National and Ethnic Minorities, the Central Finance and Contracts Unit of the Hungarian Treasury, or the Ministry of Economy and Transport.

During my 3 months internship in Strasbourg (Council of Europe), I was also able to gain insight into the mysteries of public administration at international level. I thought I would be working in Brussels after Hungary’s adhesion to the EU as at that time I still had the fervour and belief that people could be greatly supported through administrative systems… Fate had a different opinion about that..

At the end of 2002, I met my son's father in Budapest, a great Greek diplomat, with whom we got married as part of a restrained Orthodox wedding in Thessalonika in the autumn of 2003. Public administration remained part of my life but in different ways and levels. Thus an 11-year foreign existence cycle started in terms of Australia, Greece, and Peru.

Greece gifted me with the father of my child, while Australia with my son, and with the first inspiration for completing a Life Coaching course on self-improvement. Peru connected me with myself and embarked me on the path that led to the period of “recalibration”. That was when I made a 180-degree turn and moved back to Hungary in 2015 with my little son for new beginnings. My primary goal was to develop a loving, attentive collaboration between my child, his father, and me, despite all of the resentments, in the best way possible. I dare to say that this goal has been achieved, though the work invested and the intensive presence of self-development were essential components of this successful process.

I have always loved to communicate with people, connect and support them, and thus each other with humorous straightness in difficult situations. I met the modality of ThetaHealing® in 2017 and immediately recognized its greatness, efficiency, and compatibility with Life Coaching itself. The soul always knows what is best for it, and in a way, this is reflected in our immediate decision-making ability as well, so I knew right away that I not only wanted to master this technique but also to teach it. Over the past few years, I have earned a number of ThetaHealing® practitioner and instructor degrees to be able to provide support on a wide range of topics to those (admitting, and to myself as well) whose honourable choice would be me as a ThetaHealing instructor.

Life Coaching Diploma (, Certificate number: 431) at LCI (Life Coach Institution) Australia, (with Life Cycle, Health and Wellness, and Work Carrier specifications)

Authorizations for teaching ThetaHealing® techniques:, ThetaHealing® Budapest

ThetaHealing® Instructor degrees:

InsBasic DNA,

Advanced DNA,

Dig Deeper,

You and the Creator,

Manifesting and Abundance,

Intuitive Anatomy,

Rainbow Children.

Further Education: KKF, BCE, ELTE Hungary

ThetaHealing® Practitioner degrees

Basic DNA,

Advanced DNA,

Dig Deeper,

You and the Creator,

Manifesting and Abundance,

Game of Life,

Intuitive Anatomy and

World Relations.