002 Reflections, "Be recipient of support"

002 Reflections, "Be recipient of support"
002 Reflections, "Be recipient of support"
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Being open has many aspects, one of them is to be able to receive.
When I was living in Peru, whatever I gave away as a gift to local people they always accepted it by thanking it without saying things like:
"Oh, noo, you don't have to.." or
"Ahh, it is not necessary." or
"Very kind but others might need it more." etc.
They simply thanked me for my generosity then either they used themselves the things received or gave them away for someone more in need.
I took note of it as in Hungary I can see many to give but not being able to accept and receive.
As good Christians, the collective belief is to give and be humble, without extra personal needs.
But that is only one side of the coin (out of the three(!)).
There is giving, and there is accepting.
Let’s suppose everybody gives only, then who is going to receive?
So balance is a key point in this equitation as well.
If we have difficulty with accepting help, gifts, support then we have issues with accepting love as well.
Check in with yourself and see if it is easy to enjoy the support of the Universe provided in many different forms you might not even be aware of.
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