Budapest ThetaHealing Basic DNA Seminar

Budapest ThetaHealing Basic DNA Seminar
Budapest ThetaHealing Basic DNA Seminar
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"Dear Elektra!

Thank you for accepting me on your course.

Getting to it was a challenge for me because knowing myself, I care a lot about everything and I like to be able to solve everything.

When we discussed the date of the course, it seemed joyful and easy for me to say "yes," but when the last night before the course arrived, I was shocked at "what I had done" by enrolling in this course. Well, I was a little saddened that night.

Of course, I still felt a little astringent, but I got the answer from you.

In the morning, however, I was already waiting with great excitement for what would be there for me.

Overall, the teaching was exciting on the first day, though the "circumstances were a bit confusing" in that not everything went as I had planned.

However, I was able to apply some of what we learned that day right after the first day of the course, so I arrived even more fully charged on the morning of the second day.

The third day was also a challenge for me, as I had to realize I had nothing to lose, no matter how much I insisted on what I had so far because I knew I felt that this new "thing" could only bring good for me and for us.

Feelings of lightness and buoyancy came over me for the evening, as even my feet improved after the healing.

Of course, they were waiting at home with curiosity: "So, how was it?"

After the changes in me and the many "feeling-seeking" sentences and questions (many of which I had never heard before), I said with joy that it is worth renewing, changing, and striving for the completeness that the Creator of the Universe has already made for all of us.

Let us do the same.

Since then, I have had joy because, due to this course, my life has "moved up" several steps towards the 7 planes.

With love, Károly Forintos "

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