Budapest Basic DNA in person

Budapest Basic DNA in person
Budapest Basic DNA in person
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"Thoughts on the Margin of a ThetaHealing Basic Course"

Don’t listen to what others think you should be like. Always listen to your inner voice, what you want to be like. "(Osho)

One, never listen to others about what they want you to be; instead, always listen to your inner voice about what you want to be.

"The ThetaHealing® system can be mastered by anyone if they decide they need it." "Choose a Theta teacher to whom your soul guides you. " (E.H)

My story began nearly a decade ago when my body began to send signals on a physical level. Among other things, I had a disc herniation, and two of these miracles so as not to be lonely. I also caused myself minor brain trauma several times. I was "on the other side." My relationships collapsed, as did I, and somehow everything was in ruins around me.

Four years ago, it felt like I had reached the harbor. I was the one at the ruddle finally going with the tide, while the sun was shining, the stars were aligning, and I was happy, according to outside observers, but the rain clouds slowly reappeared behind the scenes.

My spine problem recurred, squealed, shouted, roared, the implants came loose, and I finally surrendered to the logic of the brain. A series of medical consultations, quick decisions, and I created three surgeries in four fleeting years. The last one (yes, THE LAST) was due on March 28, 2019.. It took place in a fraction of a moment, sincerely hoping for my full recovery and knowing the whys in the depths of my soul. The recovery was slow, and "bumpy" as I pushed it as "a must" ... I felt that it wasn't the real thing, something was hindering me. Beyond the momentary depression, something was still missing to wake me up ... I miss life.

The events spun over and a thought came to me at the bottom of my spiritual pit. 

I needed Elektra, the chick who swept through English class like a hurricane, after finding out that she was a ThetaHealing instructor. All the roads led to her. I needed to learn this method from her, so I wrote to her.

We talked the same day on the phone, and I squealed briefly about my agony, then I asked her when the next Basic course was scheduled for. Her answer was ready: "When would you want it to be?" I knew that was it, and there was no way back, just to jump into it straight away. On the morning of June 14, I was on my sweaty way to encountering Myself.


ThetaHelaing was not unfamiliar to me as once I had such a session before, but I didn't read the book preparing for the seminar because I wanted to remain receptive without expectation for whatever Elektra could provide in three days. She was the person I needed; her energy, style, and way of performing helped me rediscover my faith and my confidence in myself. Without dogmas, kittens, hocus-pocus, mystification with crying and, laughing.


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