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The New Moon in Cancer Influence in You within a Conscious Group

Feel free to join in on Thu 30 Jun 21:00 - 22:15

The new moon is a delightful present that occurs every 28-30 days. Every month, the Universe sends us a modest gift—one that could easily be overlooked as it is mostly hidden from the Earth for a few hours.

The moon is obscured by the sun, which shines behind it.

The new moon, in astrological terms, is one of the moon's numerous phases—specifically, the one in which the moon and the sun are aligned.

It heralds the start of a new lunar cycle and, with it, a slew of new beginnings. As a result, new moons feel like an especially good time for introspection, course correction, and goal-setting.

Surprisingly, most people are intuitively connected with this energy, forming new habits, beginning new projects, and making life changes around the time of the new moon. Intentionally embracing the new moon's energizing energy might help you accelerate those shifts even faster.

ThetaHealing® based exercise for this event will help to speed up this process by providing a safe space to further boost the day's hidden potential.

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