ThetaHealing® Basic DNA course

ThetaHealing® Basic DNA course

ThetaHealing® Basic DNA course

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Available: Online, or In-Person in Hungary. Open to Travel.

Duration: 3 Consecutive Days

Dates: 2021

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The Basic DNA introduces the ThetaHealing techniques and focuses on activating the 12 strands of DNA within each participant.

The heart of this seminar practicing techniques that allow you to change life patterns held in place by core, genetic, historic, and soul beliefs, either self-inflicted or externally imposed.

The students experience an opening to the Unconditional Love of the Creator of All That Is.. The student will learn to identify his/her own beliefs as well as to practice pulling them for others in the seminar. This practice can quickly reveal systems of belief, showing the body how to replace limiting beliefs or feelings with positive ones.

Other topics and exercises include:


  • learn why we create things in our life and what we learn from it
  • the 5 brainwaves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma
  • the four levels of belief systems
  • how our thoughts and words affect our lives
  • we learn why we create things in our lives and what we learn from them
  • how to find our limiting belief systems hidden in our subconscious
  • how they hinder our subconscious limiting belief systems and feelings
  • the exploration of limiting feelings in our subconscious
  • how to replace restrictive belief systems with positive belief systems
  • how to download positive belief systems and feelings to improve our lives
  • how we align the conscious and subconscious levels to achieve our goals
  • activating our intuitive abilities
  • what is muscle/kinesiology test and how to apply it
  • the introduction of conscious creation into our lives
  • future readings
  • what the Seven Planes of Existence mean
  • the ability to connect with the Creator of the Universe
  • how to gain infinite knowledge and wisdom to improve our lives
  • how to bring abundance into our lives
  • how to let go of old relationships
  • how to attract our soul mate

The ThetaHealing® Basic DNA seminar is the first seminar to certify you as a ThetaHealing® Practitioner. The Basic DNA and Advanced DNA are the two main seminars that will give you the main tools to start as a ThetaHealer.

After seminar registration, upon receiving the confirmation form, one shall transfer the relevant seminar amount to the bank account indicated in the order confirmation form no later than the day before the start of the seminar.

For last-minute transactions please forward your relevant bank statement copy to

Seminar code: You may also register through looking for

The minimum number of participants is two.

Prerequisites: None

Taking the class being the only student is possible though different terms may apply.

Seminar Materials: ThetaHealing® Book and ThetaHealing® Manual

The relevant manual is going to be sent out via digital form.
The seminar is intense, full of "aha" moments, new and long-forgotten insights, and experiences.

Dedicate these three days entirely to this event, providing a calm and peaceful place for yourself thus achieving the highest and best possible results.

This seminar is a wonderful gift for yourself.

Congratulations on choosing yourself!

Looking forward to sensing your energy and meeting you soon in person in the digital and quantum space of the Universe.

For more information, please send an email to or connect me via Whatsapp, Viber at +36 30 74 35 497.

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