My Purpose is to support people in finding new ways to reconnect with themselves thus universal consciousness (unconditional love) so that they feel grounded, empowered, and full of trust in their existence, themselves and in humanity.


Choose your ThetaHealing® Instructor/Practitioner the way your soul is telling you who the right person is for you, let it be me or someone else.

Everyone is capable of self-healing, exploring consciousness, and learning to guide others to realize their potential.

The ThetaHealing® methodology provided me with a comprehensive tool that (besides many other methodologies) has deepened and is continually enhancing the process of "getting to know myself" in an incredible way.

I have realized how many feelings I have, and how many of them I just thought I had, but (in-depth) I didn’t.

I have become able to see how I operate based on belief systems inherited from my parents and how limiting they can be.

I now understand what kind of skills I do have and how I can use them optimally.

The greatest thing about using ThetaHealing® techniques is that change becomes tangible and it can be detected in how I relate to others, and how others relate to me now compared to the "before session" times.

The more you get to know yourself, the easier it becomes to recognize patterns you have been working on so far and unknowingly "passed on" to your offspring (if any) and indirectly to posterity.


Incorporating ThetaHealing® into life coaching, and its "focused" practice could lead to deep changes at an emotional level as well, in a fast and effective way, no matter how incredible this statement may sound.

The importance of emotional work is not emphasized enough in our lives. We make decisions on an emotional basis every moment of our existence, whatever we might think of the "actual logical" background of a given decision. 

I believe a person who once makes a decision and chooses a more conscious life to live, has no way back, but to remain on the path as the importance of self-love and self-respect puts us in "orbit".

One might lose focus, and there might be many great challenges as well on our path, but the direction is still given.

I am so much amazed by this technique and convinced of its efficiency that I wanted to share its benefits and my experiences, the knowledge received with all those who are ready, open, interested, and willing to invest in themselves by learning new ways of comprehending life experience as a whole.

Using the ThetaHealing® technique, I can help you confront your feelings that you find difficult to talk about or understand, or you simply cannot comprehend what they might be about at all. (Read more here)

Its effectiveness and functionality, among other things, can be confirmed by consciously observing changes in our behaviours where overreaction was earlier present.
By mastering the ThetaHealing® technique, you become more aware of the trigger points of your "internal issues" and it becomes easier to identify related belief systems, emotions that can quickly and efficiently be replaced with positive, supportive ones if desired.

ThetaHealing® is a completely unique, separate self-help system designed by Vianna Stibal that has no affiliation of any kind to other organized self-help systems which also can incorporate the proven positive effects of working with theta waves into their teachings.

ThetaHealing® is for anyone who is ready to change, to face fears so that he/she can honestly meet him/herself and the creative power with which he/she is one.