One-on-One Consultation


Using the ThetaHealing® technique, I can help you confront your feelings that you find difficult to talk about or understand, or you simply cannot comprehend what they might be about at all.

Active participation in the "winding up" and transformation of blocking emotional threads resulting in the dissolving of previously triggering situations, and in wiring new "reaction patterns"  into your brain. The effects of these changes quickly become visible and tangible in your life.

Also, I provide assistance for

  • restoring focus to what really matters to you;
  • having clearer insights into your inner motivations as a result
  • harmonizing desires and actions closer to one another (self-deception vs. what my heart really wants);
  • facing your blocking emotions (but only if you want to) and initiating new actions;
  • feeling emotions that require the most power and courage;
  • communicating freely the things that matter to you (the most), and
  • facing your inner desires and making them a reality.

Depending on one’s belief systems, solutions, transformations, can also have positive results, significant changes in our physical body as well.

Meetings can be conducted both On-Line and by telephone with a high degree of efficiency and security. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have via the "chat" service of this site, or via

After confirming your order you will be contacted the same day or within 24 hours the latest to set an appointment.

Choose a ThetaHealing® Instructor/Consultant as your soul tels you who the right person is for you, let it be me, or someone else.

Thank you for your trust.

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