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Edit Horváth-Gulyás, The Netherlands
Edit Horváth-Gulyás, The Netherlands
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There were already some life-changing situations in my life when I reached the limit of my abilities at the time, and a new door finally opened for me to move on. But, in recent years, a flood of eye-opening information, books, lectures, and so on has rushed at me, culminating in Theta Healing.
I knew this was what I was waiting for. 

I immediately started researching and arranged an appointment for a consultation. The result was not missed. It was a wonderful feeling.
I continued my research, saw as many consultants, as many instructors, so many different approaches, styles ... I really liked this variety. I decided to do the basic DNA course as soon as I could. I looked a lot at thetahealing.com to find the right instructor for me. 

So I found Elektra. We started working together three days later. I knew I could learn a lot not only about ThetaHealing but about myself during that time. So it was. 

Elektra’s generous, dedicated, and conscientious work has paid off. She has a motivating, supportive, inspiring personality and is able, willing, and brave enough to look deep into things. These three days were great! I now look at my life and everything that awaits me much more openly, bravely, and cheerfully, as I have been given a tool of understanding through which I have now gone from being a victim of circumstances to their creator.

A whole new approach. Now is the time for practice, but I also know that I will be doing the next DNA advanced course soon.

Thanks! Gratitude! The essence of pure Love!


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