Your Totem Animals

The number of participants: limited / currently 6-10 people.

Location: City Center

Date:  coming soon


Many exercises of the ThétaHealing® Rainbow Children's Seminar can be held as separate modules for adults, young people and children alike.


During the "Your Totem Animal" session, you can meet and connect with your totem animal or totem animals in a safe, loving space through meditation accompanied by a shaman drum.


There are several terms for naming an animal totem: animal spirit, leadership totem, and spiritual helper.


Every animal has a powerful spirit.


It is the spirit, either its own or the spirit of another being that uses the image of the animal to send messages about the world to humans.


Each animal is special in its kind, each with some unique endowment.


According to shamans, every child born has an ethereal being (a guardian angel) in the form of an animal.


The protective spirit, the totem animal, will stay with us all our life. It accompanies him throughout his spiritual development, alerting him when danger is imminent, and indicating when a change in life is expected.


When we pay attention to the nature totem and pay tribute to it, we are actually bowing our heads in front of the forces behind it, we connect with these forces and with their help, we can have a clearer understanding of our own living conditions. We can share in their power, their “magic power”.


In nature totems, man objectifies the energies that permeate his life in a symbolic form.

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