One-on-one consultation or online (60-90 minutes / 564318518712, 5197148)

One-on-one consultation or online (60-90 minutes / 564318518712, 5197148)
One-on-one consultation or online (60-90 minutes / 564318518712, 5197148)
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Using the ThetaHealing® technique, I can help you confront your feelings that you find difficult to talk about or understand, or you simply cannot comprehend what they might be about at all.

Active participation in the "winding up" and transformation of blocking emotional threads resulting in the dissolving of previously triggering situations, and in wiring new "reaction patterns"  into your brain. The effects of these changes quickly become visible and tangible in your life.

Also, I provide assistance for

  • restoring focus to what really matters to you;
  • having clearer insights into your inner motivations as a result
  • harmonizing desires and actions closer to one another (self-deception vs. what my heart really wants);
  • facing your blocking emotions (but only if you want to) and initiating new actions;
  • feeling emotions that require the most power and courage;
  • communicating freely the things that matter to you (the most), and
  • facing your inner desires and making them a reality.

Depending on one’s belief systems, solutions, transformations, can also have positive results, significant changes in our physical body as well.

Meetings can be conducted both On-Line and by telephone with a high degree of efficiency and security. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have via the "chat" service of this site, or via

After confirming your order you will be contacted the same day or within 24 hours the latest to set an appointment.

Choose a ThetaHealing® Instructor/Consultant as your soul tels you who the right person is for you, let it be me, or someone else.

Thank you for your trust.

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Question about the product

How long does it take?
The session is 60 minutes long, during which we start along with the issue “brought”.
What happens?
The “issue brought” shows only the top of the iceberg, but indirectly points to the feelings, patterns, believes or programs “picked up” during our lifetime which are ready for change.
The ThetaHealing® system easily and quickly will introduce you to the path to yourself and thus to the Universe.
The ThetaHealing® Instructor / Consultant supports this process. The soul, the heart feels the truth, and the participants both feel the truth of a given situation.
Using the ThetaHealing® digging technique, we explore patterns that are ready for change related to a given topic and "replace them with new ones" in the quantum space.
The change immediately can be felt in our state of mind, in our reactions that have changed in the course of later, and in the attitude of others towards us.
How many sessions do I need?
A change shall always be seen as a process. Many minor changes result in a larger one.
From a session, the participant is "released home" in a pleasant state of mind. This represents a positive, reassuring change that can be felt "tangible" on the spot when comparing the time of "arrival" to that of the "departure".
Insertions, viewpoints, etc., and the solutions initiated affect our lives. There will always be challenges we can ask for support to solve.
We will always meet the solution we need most at the moment.
ThetaHealing® can provide a solution for one topic today and some other systems for something else tomorrow. Exclusivity can be ruled out.
Success can be measured from several perspectives: participant leaves the session with a good feeling, and positive after-effects appear in his/her life that fills him/her with satisfaction; and in light of this, ThetaHealing® Instructor/Consultant is pleased to have a good job done, which can also help expand his/her practice later on.
Who is it for?
ThetaHealing® is for anyone who is ready to change, to face fears so that he/she can honestly meet him/herself and the creative power with which he/she is one.
Over time, intuitive system mechanisms are proven by scientific works. The dividing line lies there where faith starts.


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