Connecting Your Inner Child - a 4-week Interactive Workshop



(online event)


Our event on InterNations about "10 Tips for Healing Your Inner Child" went well and went 40 minutes over the original timeframe while holding space for each other. 

I felt delighted to be able to provide support for those present and grateful for the opportunity to be there all together, co-creating that reality.
The presentation was interactive, engaging the audience to be present and connect with themselves. 

Based on the supportive responses received, I felt something had to follow up on this event. This is how this 4-week mini-series of 2-3-hour sessions was created.


The next ONLINE English language course is due on

May 2024, Sunday at 17:00-20:00 CET time 

May 2024, Sunday at 17:00-20:00 CET time 

May 2024, Sunday at 17:00-20:00 CET time 

May 2024, Sunday at 17:00-20:00 CET time 


The next live course is going to be held in Hungarian, in Budapest

and is due on

May 2024, day, at 19:00-21:30 CET time 

May 2024, day, at 19:00-21:30 CET time 

May 2024, day, at 19:00-21:30 CET time 


The Hungarian language live event's venue will be either at


AGORA Mozgástér. Budapest, Kálvin tér



1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede utca 18. III./15


The online event's Zoom link will be shared with those registered and cleared for participation.

The content of the series will follow the structure of the above event.

Space is limited to 20 people in case of both events. 


During this upcoming 4-week workshop, we are going to focus on 


Rediscovering the existence of our inner child


Going deep with the triggers that keep us from connecting with our inner child


Discovering how to connect with him or her


Understanding his or her needs and discovering how to let go of old patterns and replace them with new ones, which means integration.


It is always easier to work in a group, as the presence of others makes us more responsible for staying focused. Those who are going to attend this event will share similar energies about personal experiences that provide us with a sense of security in being better understood, accepted and felt.

During these 4 sessions, we are going to tune into our emotions and some of the beliefs that can sabotage us from healing our inner child.

With ThetaHealing downloads, we are going to reinforce all we have learned and understood about ourselves by connecting to universal consciousness and source energy. Further downloads within a short meditation guided at the end of each event will provide additional support for strengthening the changes and the learning process.


This workshop is for those who feel and believe, or are open to the idea, that we are more than 3-dimensional creatures, not existing in the human body only but in energetic form as well.

If you feel the call, register or have your questions via, or

via Viber/WhatsApp/telegram at +36 30 74 35 497.

Thank you for your trust and for choosing you.

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